mercoledì 24 apr 2019

Calvisano Agroittica Lombarda, which is known for its Calvisius Caviar and Ars Italica Calvisius brands, is the third caviar producer in the world, Italians only consume 10%. The rest — 90% —

From finance to the farming olives. We speak to a businessman who left the world of finance to relaunch the family business and promote olive oil throughout the world.

Vincenzo Ferrieri, CEO of Cioccolatitaliani is 33 years old. He is part of a new generation of skilled Italian entrepreneurs that wants to put the focus on teamwork. As of today,

Two new restaurants are set to open - in Milan and Marrakesh. A new partner has joined the group, Palladio has relinquished its share in the business, and a lab

Ferrero has sealed the deal in acquiring Nestlé’s confectionary business in the United States. The transaction is worth 2.8 billion dollars. According to a Ferrero press release, with this transaction,


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