martedì 10 dic 2019

The 10 million euro worth Indian food entrepreneur last March became associate of Viviana Varese, with whom Ritu Dalmia recently opened Spica, her second label in Milan.

Eugenio De Mauro, managing director of Le Botteghe di Leonardo defines his company as an “ambassador for gelato throughout the world.”

To open a gelato shop in Italy, it can cost 120,000 euros or more. Annual earnings? In a mid-sized city, earnings can exceed 200,000 euros

Calvisano Agroittica Lombarda, which is known for its Calvisius Caviar and Ars Italica Calvisius brands, is the third caviar producer in the world, Italians only consume 10%. The rest — 90% —

The second edition of the Foodcommunity Awards recognized 36 of this year’s best in the food, beverage and restaurant worlds, before an audience of about 700 people. The event saw participation


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