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Bonci opens officially in Chicago

Bonci opens officially in Chicago

Gabriele Bonci (pictured) chose to open his first pizzeria abroad on August 15.  The new shop selling Roman-style pizza by the slice opened in Chicago in the West Loop area of the city near Google’s headquarters.

The pizzeria has 30 seats and an open bar area with about another 20 places to sit down. The staff was trained by employees of Bonci’s other locations as well as by the Roman pizzaiolo himself.

Partners in Bonci USA, which was created specifically for this new business venture, include executives Rick Tasman and Chakib Touhami, both of whom have a great deal of management experience in the restaurant industry.

The long-term objective is to take the Bonci brand throughout the United States and the entire world, from Europe to Asia. Cities like Washington, Boston, New York, London and Tokyo are potential future targets.

In the meantime, Bonci is working on other projects with the doubling of his Pizzarium—his gourmet pizza lab—which has opened a new Lucca location after the famous Rome store. This project is a collaboration with Massimo Minutelli, owner of the La Griglia di Varrone meat restaurant, which has been in Lucca since 2006 and recently opened a Milan location.

At the end of 2016, Bonci also opened a pizzeria inside the Carrefour Market in Via Cesare Fracassini in Rome as a partnership with the Gruppo Cassandra, which in recent years has opened various “market” and “express” locations along with Carrefour Italia as a way to put the focus on Italian food products of excellence.


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