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Eataly launches in Moscow, “sidestepping” the embargo

Eataly launches in Moscow, “sidestepping” the embargo

Eataly continues to expand, and is ready to open in Moscow on May 26. Founder Oscar Farinetti (pictured) made the announcement, explaining that the new store will be the largest in the world.

The store is on the fourth floor of the new Kievsky mall, and covers 7,500 square meters of space with over 900 places to sit and various areas dedicated to shopping, tasting and making high-quality Italian foods. This is all perfectly in line with “eat better, live better” motto.

Various products, such as fresh pasta and cheeses, are to be made locally in Moscow (combining the idea of fresh foods with the necessity to “sidestep” sanctions imposed by Russia on various imported European food and wine products).

“We are happy to have found a great partner in LLC Prostor, which now has the task of representing the most important Italian food distribution concept in the world,” commented Farinetti in a memo.

In the last few years, Eataly has expanded its presence abroad, especially in the United States with the opening of the second store in New York City, in the World Trade Center, as well as another one in the Prudential Center in Boston. What’s more, the company already has a store in Chicago and is planning for new openings in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Eataly has also launched in northern Europe for the first time, with the new Copenhagen store in the Illum mall located in the heart of the Danish city. Other store openings (directly owned or franchises) are expected in the cities of Trieste, Turin and Doha.

Finally, on Oct. 4, 2017, the new Fico Eataly World is to open. This large 80,000-square-meter theme park dedicated to food is to be located in Bologna.

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