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Ecotourism, Sleeping in Camper among the Vineyards

Ecotourism, Sleeping in Camper among the Vineyards

The initiative launched by Donne del Vino (Women of Wine) together with the Italian Touring Club continues. 57 wineries in Italy offer a stop between the vineyards in the coming months. Discounts, visits and tastings throughout the fall.

This summer, over a million tourists chose the camper to travel on Italian roads: at least a third of them were foreigners. In July, motorhome registrations faced a +104% compared to the same month of 2019. According to the Association of Caravan and Camper Producers, summer 2020 was undoubtedly the “summer of camper”.
At the beginning of the summer, Donne del Vino bet on the sector launching the project “Women of Wine – Camper Friendly”. The proposal of eco-sustainable tourism has involved more than 50 Italian companies with women at the wheel. Now the initiative continues in the autumn, while between the rows, from South to North, the harvest is underway.

 Donatella Cinelli Colombini (pictured), President of the national Association “Women of Wine” declared: “The numbers released by the Association of Caravan and Camper Producers confirm the validity of our intuition to offer hospitality to the women who see travelling like an exciting discovery, the contact with nature, the authenticity of the territories and of the people. The idea was launched by Elena Roppa, a Friulian partner. Now the Women of Wine renew the invitation”.

There are 57 Camper Friendly wine cellars held by women who will open their doors during the harvest: the full list is on the website.

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