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Export, Made In Italy Food to Conquer Global E-Commerce

Export, Made In Italy Food to Conquer Global E-Commerce

On the platform of the Chinese giant Alibaba.com, digital space dedicated to companies’ business through meetings with buyers and dedicated services.

The objective of the agreement that was signed on 15 September in Rome by Cia-Italian farmers and Alibaba.com, is to promote the export of Made in Italy in the Agri-Food sector by opening new online commercial channels for member companies and encouraging web meetings with buyers around the world.

The data are clear: today, B2B e-commerce is 11 times higher than B2C. Currently, in Italy online export B2C is worth €11.8 billion, while the online export B2B reaches €132 billion.

In this context, Alibaba.com represents the largest B2B e-commerce platform in the world. “Food & beverage” sector is the first entry among the “top 10 industries” of the online platform, with 12% of clicks on wine and 7% on pasta.

With the signing of this one-year agreement, the two companies agree to collaborate – also through Adiacent – to support, promote and enhance local businesses and quality agro-food products through the international web portal. This will be done by connecting buyers and suppliers, manufacturers and wholesalers, in order to conduct business in virtual mode.
The agreement on Italian food include many services to support companies on the marketplace as, for example, the creation of advertising and informative material, the marketing of products and suppliers on the “Padiglione Italia” showcase of the portal, the participation in events and activities such as roadshows, conferences, online promotions through social or media channels and marketing and communication consulting.

Dino Scanavino, National President of Cia declared: “It is an agreement that renews the commitment of the organization to support the internationalization of national farms and the agri-food sector. We can overcome the challenge of export by facilitating the access of our companies to foreign markets”.
“The partnership with Cia makes us very proud and is fully part of the long-term project of Alibaba.com to support the Italian companies of the agri-food sector, in particular the smaller ones, in the process of their digitalization and internationalization” said Rodrigo Cipriani Foresio, Managing Director of Alibaba for South Europe.
“Food is the most researched category on Alibaba.com, and this means that Italian products have enormous possibilities to make themselves known” concludes Cipriani.

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