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The First Biogas Plant with Olive Orujo Has Opened in Andria

The First Biogas Plant with Olive Orujo Has Opened in Andria

The Agrolio system is one of the first in Europe to be fed 100% with the organic material obtained from the milling of Olives.

BTS Biogas, a company specialized in the development and construction of biogas and biomethane plants, has inaugurated the new plant designed and built for Agrolio. The Agresti family company, from Andria, has been engaged for five generations in the production of extra virgin olive oil.

The system has operated for a year and its uniqueness is that they are one of the first in Europe that are fed 100% with olive orujo and, consequently, with the ability to manage the fermentation process of the orujo in the digester. The produced biogas feeds a 500 kW cogeneration system, while the digestate is part of the vegetable cycle of olive production.

The system was designed and built by BTS Biogas, which benefited from the collaboration of AB, which provided the cogenerator.

“Today we can finally affirm that plants of this type are an effective solution – said Franco Lusuriello, BTS Biogas’ CEO – With this new system, BTS Biogas stands at the forefront in supporting the Italian excellence of oil producers by proposing a supply chain solution.”

“The construction of a biogas system fits perfectly within our vision of extra virgin olive oil producers – stated Savino and Vincent Agresti, owners of the Group F. lli Agresti – as it was the missing piece to close our sustainable production system based on circular economy. At this point a new path begins, and it will be destined to last over time for the progressive improvement of the agronomic management of plantations”.

“This plant is an excellent example of circular economy and well-done biogas. Through biogas-powered cogeneration, by-products and waste from agro-industrial activities can in fact generate electricity and heat that companies could use to be more efficient energy and economically” ” stated Angelo Baronchelli, President of AB.

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