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Focaccia Type Recco, Roberto Caporuscio named ambassador

Focaccia Type Recco, Roberto Caporuscio named ambassador

Chef Roberto Caporuscio (Kesté, pictured) is named “Taste Ambassador” 2019 of the Trendy Focaccia Type Recco.

The Focaccia Type Recco which hails from the Italian city of Recco outside of Genoa, made its way to New York City this year as one of the many praised food trends, mainly thanks to chef and owner at Kesté Pizzeria, Roberto Caporuscio.

The city’s very own “Focaccia King” who introduced his interpretation of the typical Genoese delicacy and was first acclaimed by the New York Times as one “worth the effort and the trip downtown if you don’t live nearby”, now becomes a “Taste Ambassador” of three traditional Italian Focacce hitting the Kesté Fulton menu today by Genoese Mayor Marco Bucci.

Two fellow Italian chefs, Angelo Competiello and Cesare Casella who call NYC home, were also recognized alongside Caporuscio.

The pie made of unyeasted pastry and filled with stracchino cheese before coming baked in a special copper pan of more than 20 inches in diameter known as “Cheese Focaccia Type Recco” ($15), can now be found in two variations which include the “Focaccia Pizzata” topped with tomato sauce, anchovies and capers ($20) and “Focaccia al Pesto”, topped with fresh pesto made with mortar and fresh homemade mozzarella ($16).

Chef Roberto Caporuscio recently visited Genoa to learn from those who invented the sacred Focaccia Type Recco recipe and perfect his back in NYC.

Kesté Fulton is located at 66 Gold Street (Fulton Street) and open Sunday-Thursday from 11:30AM-3:30PM, 4:30-10PM and Friday-Saturday from 11:30AM-11PM.


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