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Foodcommunity Awards 2019, the winners

Foodcommunity Awards 2019, the winners

The third edition of the Foodcommunity Awards recognized 38 of this year’s best in the food, beverage and restaurant worlds, before an audience of about 700 people.

The event of Foodcommunity Awards saw the participation of some of the key players in the “food chain,” with the work done by chefs and businesspeople in this industry, not only taking Italian haute-cuisine to another level in Italy and abroad, but also creating value locally as well.



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The following awards were given out during the event:

The Chef of the Year Award went to Antonino Cannavacciuolo

The Campanian chef has just celebrated 20 years at Villa Crespi and is one of the best representatives of Italian cuisine.


The Chef Businessperson of the Year Award went to Enrico Bartolini

He is the king of the stars; eight in total. With six restaurants and dozens of consultations he managed to engineer the processes of catering and do business at the same time.


The Cuisine and Management Award went to Alessandro Negrini and Fabio Pisani

Together they demonstrate a great ability to manage the different gastronomic restaurants of the group.


The Best Practice in Foodservice Evolution Award went to Moreno Cedroni
The chef from Marche, one of the most innovative, leads the way when it comes to the evolution of Italian cuisine.


The Food Culture and Training Award went to Franco Aliberti

He has made sustainability, circularity and the use of less noble raw materials his philosophy by teaching to cook without waste.


The Best Marketing Strategy Award went to Davide Oldani

He has been able to enhance his image by associating it with the gastronomic, iconic and design products that he himself helps to design and bring to market.


The Best Practice in International Management Award went to Giancarlo Perbellini

Verona, Milan, but also Manama and Hong Kong. The chef from Verona confirmed his entrepreneurial spirit both in Italy and abroad.


The Best Chef – Hotel’s RestaurantAward went to Antonio Guida – Seta – Mandarin Oriental, Milan

He has been able to satisfy the most demanding Milanese palates and has contributed to make the gourmet restaurant a gastronomic destination for international customers.


The Innovation Award went to Luigi Taglienti

He has evolved the cuisine, diversifying it without losing its identity. In each dish, the ingredient is the star.


The Internationalization Award went to Fratelli Cerea

They opened the first family sign outside Europe in Shanghai, which has already become a local destination.


The Chef of the Yearfor Pastry  Award went to Sal De Riso

He is a man and entrepreneur before being a pastry chef and he has contributed to the local economy by enhancing the excellence of the Amalfi Coast and exporting it all over the world.


The Best Practice for Consultancy Award went to Filippo La Mantia

He has just started new consulting, from Caffè San Giorgio in Venice, to the last project, Caffè Fernanda, inside the Pinacoteca of Brera, focusing on Sicilian cuisine.


The Sustainable Cuisine Award went to Cesare Battisti

His philosophy is based on the cult of the raw material, selected in collaboration with farmers, breeders, artisans and fishermen, participating actively in the promotion of the excellence of the territory.


The Best Practice in Entrepreneurial Synergies Award went to Viviana Varese

An important 2019 for the chef who has a new business partner, Ritu Dalmia, and a new sign, Viva, which has replaced Alice Restaurant since September.


The Diversification Award went to Andrea Berton

He considers diversification an essential component for those who invest in foodservice, and thanks to his offer he has multiplied his audience by bringing it closer to the quality of food.


The Chef Under Age 35 of the Year Award went to Davide Caranchini

He defines himself “the craftsman-chef”. In just two years from the opening of his restaurant he has obtained a national and international clientele as well as “more experienced” colleagues.


The Best Practice – Entrepreneurial Challenge Award went to Alfio Ghezzi

He has embarked on a new solo adventure in which he is the chief of the Mart Restaurant in Rovereto. The restaurant features every meal, from breakfast to dinner.


The Rising Star Chef of the Year Award went to Marco Ambrosino
For him cooking is a social gesture and a political act that led him to find the Mediterranean Collective Manifesto. The aim is to make the foodservice industry aware of radical change.


The Best Practice International Development Awards went to Iaccarino Family

Don Alfonso has brought Italian cuisine to the world, from Canada to New Zealand.


The Promotion of the Local Area Award went to Ristorante Dattilo

His family restaurant tells the story about Calabria and its enogastronomic heritage through the best raw materials.


The New Opening of the Year Award went to 142 Restaurant

The restaurant, conceived of and created by Sandra Ciciriello, with three young chefs under 30 in the kitchen, has enlivened the Milanese scene, from breakfast to dinner.


The Best Practice in Wine Culture Award went to Milano Wine Week

It’s brought a new approach in the wine sector through new encounters between producers, managers and consultants of the new generation.


The Best Practice in Territory Business Award went to Alba International White Truffle Fair

Culture, terroirand gastronomy come together in a combination of the public and private spheres. It is an example of sustainable promotion that generates a constant growth for the region.


The Architectural Studio of the Year Award went to Vudafieri – Saverino Partners

He has distinguished himself as a project interpreter for the foodservice world of some of Milan’s trendiest clubs.


The Best Practice in Restaurant Design Award went to Andrea Langhi Design

Every year he designs dozens of public places, especially restaurants, in Italy and around the world.


The Best Practice in Brand Valorization Award went to Antonello Colonna
The Roman innkeeper has brought Open, now not only a brand of foodservice, to Milan with a gastronomic sign in the financial-legal district near the Duomo.


The Best Practice in Pizza Business Award went to Franco Pepe

With the “Pepe in Grani” project, this modern artisan of pizza has brought value to Caiazzo by bringing back activity and reviving the artisan productions of the territory.


The Best Practice in Cuisine and Management Award went to Beck & Maltese Consulting

The strength of Teresa Maltese and Heinz Beck’s company lies in three business models: consultancy, management contract and partnership, as for Attimi by Heinz Beck.


The “Legal Tables” Award went to Terrazza Fiorella

It is a must-go on the Sorrento coast. Its terrace overlooking the sea offers a gastronomic journey with a strong identity, different from the local scene.


The Startup of the Year Award went to Deliveristo

He has devised a privileged channel that reverses the sales process: the restaurateur goes in search of the producer.


The Best Foodservice Concept Award went to Miscusi

Just after two years after its birth, Miscusi serves over 70,000 people a month and has invested in a farm for the production and innovation of pasta. With 9 restaurants and almost 300 employees, profits are growing at a double-digit pace.


The Best Pizza Format Award went to Pizzium
The Neapolitan pizza made the turnover of the format that has invested in raw materials and corporate welfare increase.


The Best Food & Beverage Project Award went to Pescaria
The Apulian fish formula is constantly growing and, after double openings in Milan, it has landed in Turin.


The Best Practice in DOP Valorization Award went to Muu Muuzzarella

The format, based on a business model that’s scalable and replicable, features the Campanian buffalo mozzarella DOP in all the gastronomic forms, from appetizers to dessert.


The Best Emerging Format Award went to Bowls and More
It is an all-Italian food retail project that has just turned a year old and has already expanded to four restaurants. It’s not only food, but a lifestyle.


The Best Export Format Award went to Fratelli La Bufala
It has been the ambassador of Neapolitan cuisine in the world for 15 years. After the rebranding it conquered the European capitals with new LAB flagship stores. London, Berlin and Dubai are the next to open abroad.


The Best Practice in Finance for Growth Award went to Cioccolatitaliani
The format has opened its capital to an international fund with the aim of developing the business in Italy and abroad.


The Best Practice in Food Experience Award went to Peck
The temple of high gastronomy on Via Spadari decided to leave the city center and connect the historic and aristocratic Milan with the high-rise business.

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