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Iwb, strong growth in revenues in 2020, +29.7%

Iwb, strong growth in revenues in 2020, +29.7%

Italian Wine Brands confirms the positive trend of the first half of the year and achieves consolidated revenues as of 31 December 2020 of Euro 204.3 million.

The revenues path was characterized by a further strengthening of proprietary brands, international markets and domestic market.

Sales breakdown by channels shows a strengthening of both the wholesale and the distance selling due in particular
to the very strong growth of e-commerce, both in Italy and abroad. In particular, the management has implemented a commercial strategy aimed at increasing conversions on digital channels instead of the traditional teleselling channel.

Alessandro Mutinelli, Group Chairman and CEO, declared: “The year that has just ended has proved the validity of the Italian Wine Brands business model and the commercial strategies it has implemented over the years. On the one hand, production and organizational flexibility have enabled us to increase sales volumes in a difficult context limited by the restrictions due to the pandemic situation. On the other hand, the development of own-brand products and investments in innovative channels such as e-commerce have allowed IWB to position itself relatively quickly among the first private wine groups in Italy. IWB people have a clear vision of where the market is going and where the group wants to position itself, they are strongly determined to pursue long-lasting growth objectives with obsessive customer care, quality of excellence, enhancement of brand strength, innovation and speed of adaptation.

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