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Rossopomodoro continues moving forward in the World together with Eataly

Rossopomodoro continues moving forward in the World together with Eataly

Inaugurated in Dallas the eighth Rossopomodoro point opened with Eataly In Northern America.

Eataly keeps up with the opening schedule and cuts the ribbon at the opening of another Rossopomodoro point in Dallas in Texas: 4300 square metres on 3 floors, the Trading Centre NorthPark Center.

Rossopomodoro, with its Neapolitan pizza and its excellent Italian raw materials, is ready for the Texan début and will occupy a number of 450 sq mt of the Eataly space, with 240 covers and 2 ovens for cooking pizza, designed by Stefano Ferrara, representing the Neapolitan quality and tradition. The novelty of this Rossopomodoro point will be a “Station” dedicated to the preparation of the traditional Neapolitan Fried Pizza. Antonio Magno is the leading pizza maker of Rossopomodoro Dallas.

The partnership between Rossopomodoro and Eataly in the United States is becoming stronger and stronger, as it is witnessed by a big number of  places opened over the last 10 years only: in New York City the Flatiron (opened inl 2010) and Downtown (2016), then Chicago (2013), Boston (2016), Los Angeles (2017), Las Vegas (2018), and the recent opening in Canada, Toronto (2019) and finally the last jewel, Dallas, which will continue what is becoming a tasty tradition.

Openings have followed each other incessantly: since 2016, a new opening has been taking place every year, in partnership with  Eataly in Norhern America.


Nicola Farinetti Executive Manager of Eataly

“As regards our authentic Neapolitan pizza in Eataly Dallas, we once again work together with Rossopomodoro, guarantee of quality and Neapolitan tradition. The opening of Eataly Dallas is a big challenge for all of us:  that of giving our customers the possibility of living a great culinary experience and a great shopping experience too, which is not only safe, but also comfortable and pleasant. We will do our best, being sure we are supported by the best-ever team”.


Roberto Colombo Executive Manager of Rossopomodoro

“Rossopomodoro, also in America,thanks to the Neapolitan pizza makers headed by the pizza chef Antonio Magno, confirms its role of being the most influential ambassador of the Neapolitan gastronomical tradition in the world. An example of hard work and big passion, which well fits the entrepreneuroal vision of a genius of the exportation of the Italian gastronomical tradition, Oscar Farinetti, estimated partner but also a big friend of mine, to whom I wish, together with all my staff overseas, a great success for this exciting opening event of a new point in Dallas”.


Franco Manna President of Rossopomodoro

“Rossopomodoro and Eataly “once again confirm their will of spreading the excellence of our territories all over the world. The opening of our point in Dallas gets a special meaning today, because it has been conceived by the whole big family of Oscar and Eataly, as a sign of optimism for the future, in a bad period like the one we are living, in which the world  is suffering from pandemic.

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