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Unifrutti acquires Oranfrizer with capital from the Carlyle Group

Unifrutti acquires Oranfrizer with capital from the Carlyle Group

Unifrutti acquires the majority share of Oranfrizer’s red oranges.

Unifrutti group expands its product portfolio with an Italian producer of high quality red oranges. The Carlyle Group is also in the operation.

Unifrutti Group, one of the world’s largest producers and distributors of fresh fruit, has acquired 92% of Oranfrizer’s shares. The leading producer of fresh and squeezed red orange in Italy serves markets around the world, including Japan, China, the United States and the European Union. In 2019 it recorded a turnover of 47 million euros.

The acquisition leads to further growth in the Citrus segment and is part of the company’s growth and development strategy. Unifrutti’s solid market position and its focus on the distribution channel of consumer goods have enabled the company to perform well in terms of results, even in the current market environment. This agreement secures supply to meet future demand growth.

The Carlyle Group’s Global Credit platform invested an incremental €35 million for a preferred equity interest in Unifrutti. This transaction is an add-on to the bond financing completed in 2019 when Carlyle’s credit platform provided the entire €140 million debut debt financing package for Unifrutti, bringing Carlyle’s total investment in Unifrutti to €175 million.

Unifrutti Group’s unique business model is characterized by the complete integration of its value chain in the fresh fruit market. A model that allows the group to oversee and control the entire supply chain vertically and guarantees a significant competitive advantage to support the business profitability.

In 2015, the De Nadai family began a reorganisation process of the structure, functions and divisions of the Unifrutti Group.

Pictured: Marco-Venturelli, CEO of Unifrutti Group

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